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pH 5 Point Linearity Standard Set Extended Range

pH 5 Point Linearity Standard Set is used to establish the linearity of Axiom's new pH formula assay with extended ranges. Axiom makes  this linearity set available to customers as a convenient and cost effective tool to validate performance of the assay. 


               pH  2.5                                         5 mL tube

               pH  5.0                                         5 mL tube

               pH  7.0                                         5 mL tube

               pH  9.0                                         5 mL tube

               pH 11.5                                        5 mL tube

Stability and Storage:  Unopened bottles are stable until expiration date noted on bottle when stored at 2-10C.  Opened product is stable until expiration date if handled and stored correctly. 

5 mL

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